Television Appearances

Jordan has appeared as a guest on a wide range of television and radio shows, including CNN Morning, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Headline News, the Alan Colmes Show on Fox, News and Notes on NPR, and Democracy Now.  He has also lectured at dozens of colleges, universities and conferences including Columbia University, Stanford Law School, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of California at Los Angeles, SUNY Stonybrook, American University in Washington DC, Loyola University Chicago, University of Florida, University of Chicago, University of Texas at Austin, Loyola Law School, Tulane University, University of New Orleans, and Xavier University.

Excerpts from interviews about New York City Police Department spying activities.

Appearance as featured actor on HBO’s Treme.

Guest on Anderson Cooper 360

Excerpts from a January, 2006 interview on Democracy Now, discussing post-Katrina New Orleans.